Top Amazing Ecommerce Designing Trends You Just Can’t Overlook

With the worldwide retail sales of the e-commerce to reach the mark of $27 trillion by the end of 2020, it is no brainer to sell online in today’s digital epoch. However, before you take a plunge into the world of online commerce, hire a creative ecommerce design company to curate the framework for your online store. Otherwise, no matter, how much you invest in marketing, you won’t be able to achieve the sales results you aimed for. Here, we talk about a few hot e-commerce designing trends you just can’t escape.

Let’s check it out-

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Yes, even in today’s time, with a smartphone in just about every hand, there are still e-commerce companies those which don’t have a presence in the world of the smartphones. There are certain norms to follow when making a mobile-friendly e-commerce design, such the design shouldn’t be cluttered with information, and it increases the speed of the page load. The design of your online store should be such it is smooth to load and user-friendly for the customers to browse, add to cart, and checkout after making the payment.


Well, the templates are often considered as a bad practice for an online store, while it is best if you want to get online in quicktime. If you don’t want to invest in a web design agency, then templates are the best option. Plus, these templates are a good reason, since they work well on smartphones. Moreover, they come with a vast variety of features to create a captivating design.

Hamburger Menu

The Hamburger Menus, in the recent years, have quite popular, among an assortment of ecommerce designs. They offer the convenience to hide and reveal when needed, this way you can add more to your online store, by space convenience of no horizontal menu. Plus, they make it easy for the users to navigate the website and make a purchase, and especially on small screens. This menu type is visible by three horizontal lines on the top that most online users know, upon clicking these sign-line sign it appears and when it is clicked again and hides. The Hamburger menus are convenient, efficient, and quite simple, and this way you can space a considerable amount of space, compared to other menu types.


Well, even today GIF is the undisturbed king for adding animation to websites, but it increases the page loading time when viewed the website on phone. The GIF files are usually large, also complicate the code. Cinemagraphs are getting popular in the past one year; it is midway between the image and the GIF. The Cinemagraphs comprises of a photograph and an image, it either has animated text or section of the image animated.

At the end of it all, from the above, you will come to know about trends in the market designing. However, before you implement any of these, you need to talk to your ecommerce design company and ask for their advice.