MAXTRAX: A Perfect Travel Partner To Recover Your Stuck Vehicle

What is MAXTRAX?

In order to make you get an idea of what MAXTRAX is it has been simply demonstrated as an ultimate as well as the original recovery board. This is the basic tool that will help you to easily get out of under tire to provide superior traction. The MAXTRAX MK II Safety Orange (pair) promises heavy duty as it is intensively tested in laboratories which is safe, simple and is also designed with safety as the main priority.

How can it withstand heavy vehicles?

As its duty is to undergo recovery process while doing so it has to take lots of pressure. If you simply look at the tool it seems to just like a thin piece of plastic, surprising how it can withstand the weight and work effectively. In fact, these are made out of materials like resistant polymer and engineering graded nylon are used and is the secret behind its strength and support. Moreover, they are successfully tested in the real world with very heavy weights after which they are put to sale.

  • In addition to that if the tool is used with other recovery equipment then the overall stress can be minimized.
  • It does not require any other vehicles or anchor point which also reduces the potential danger.


An easy to use lightweight tool that is specially designed for people who would like to handle recovery by themselves. It is even designed with a double ended technology that will easily remove excess dirt which makes the recovery process easy and quick. Some of the best features are,

  • With the help of aggressive larger cleats sink their teeth it easily gets coordinated with the tire thereby preventing it from slipping and giving easy recovery.
  • Accurate and perfect for any of your cars or any other four wheeler drive gear vehicles.
  • The material used to manufacture MAXTRAX MK II Safety Orange (pair) is extremely tough, flexible as well as an engineering graded nylon that will help in providing complete support while undergoing the process.
  • Because of its double-edged design, you can easily carry it from one place to another.
  • You can easily make it comfortable by handling it in six different positions.
  • To monitor everything it is included in a keyhole accessory point that will help you to have continuous safety check over the process.

Some essential tips

Following some tips will really help you especially when you are going to start a self-recovery.

  • First and the foremost you have to do is to remain calm without getting tensed how to get rid of the situation.
  • As you might have already know how to use MAXTRAX so start working on it.
  • Get access to with the accessories and use them in a right way.
  • It is even an ideal way to have a look at the overall process before you actually get stuck.

As the MAXTRAX are specially designed to work with different vehicles and is said to be the perfect recovery tool that will help you in the best ways. However, the recovery processes with safety and by using this tool will help in putting everything at ease.