Order tasty and delicious train food now within clicks

In India, travelling via trains is indeed one of the best and most preferable means of transportation and as per the stats more than 67% of the entire population prefer and travels via the same. People from all over need to travel because of different reasons including travelling for having fun and get some adventure, for business meets, family trips, holidays, weddings, meeting relatives, and so much more. Over 30 % of the people who travel via trains opt to get e-ticketing services and it actually holds for a major part in the revenue generation especially from the one that is been carried out online. With the help of technology, digital world and awareness among people, it is of no wonder that people are actually buying and placing the order for train food from the reckoned e-catering firms.

E-catering food delivery services that are much in trend nowadays is all about meeting basically diverse needs and requirements of passengers when it comes to food while being on the train. And there are different ways through which people can order train food, as per the convenience and desire. One of them is via checking out the company’s website and placing an order through the same. Another way is to order the same via the mobile app of the company and all people need to do is to download their app first and then go through the process. Another way possible is to directly give them a call and let them know what you would like to grab and at which station, the delivery needs to be done.

The entire process of ordering from these e-catering firms is actually simple and similar. Once you go and click on order food in train option, it will let you enter your train name, number, and the station where you are looking or the delivery and once it is clicked, the menu and options available to eat at that place from reckoned restaurants and vendors will show up, which you can decide and let them know about the same. It is mandatory to enter your pnr number while placing an order and the most important thing about getting train food from these emerging e-catering firms is that they keep on tracking the real-time status of train as well so that in case your order is been already placed and the train is running late, they know about the same in advance and will give assurance to deliver food right on time and without any problem. It is always good to order the meal from them about 45 minutes to an hour in advance to your train’s arrival time at the respective junction. In case, you are travelling in bigger groups, you can get discounts too. Check for the feedback and reviews of the company, if you have time before ordering to make sure that the quality will be good. Grab a slice of your favourite food in train and have a safe journey.