Shahriar Ekbatani Offers Great Tips to Catching Photography while Traveling

Travelling comes naturally to all of us. We are all bitten by the travel bug and with it come the necessity of documenting travel adventures. What better way to document these traveling moments than photographing them. So we turn our moments into memories and capture them in our cameras in order to relish them in a distant gloomy afternoon. Earlier, it was just the camera-owning persons were the photographers but now; with the advent of smart phones, virtually everyone is a photographer. And when it comes to photography, travel photography still retains the most favorite genre. This is due to vast repertoire this genre offers and the relative ease of practicing it. As per Shahriar Ekbatani , Palm Beach, South Florida, one does not need to travel exotic places to be travel photography, it can be done in your day to day life just by capturing the varied moments you come across as you pass by different locations – sometimes within the same city and at others in different countries.

Despite enjoying such popularity, travel photography remains largely unexplored even in today’s world. This is simply because we don’t integrate with other forms of photography such as nature, wildlife, street life etc rather we have reduced it to a genre which only means pictures of holidays and vacations in unknown exotic places. So, here we are elaborating on the process of travel photography. We have carefully prepared a list of practices that most renowned travel photographers, such as the ones published in journals like Nat Geo Travel. Keep these tips in mind when you go out on a clicking spree.

Catching Photography while Traveling

Do your research

The first and foremost criteria of travel photography are to known the place you are traveling too. Knowing doesn’t mean just having a knowledge of the famous landmarks of the area and doing the popular things. The key here is research. Research differentiates between a traveler and a tourist. You need to be the traveler who explores the hidden alleys, the by-lanes and the unchartered territories and photography those intricate details. Get to the unknown things, the hidden elements and integrate that in your photography. In short, be a commoner in the unknown world.

Understand the place

Mere doing research isn’t enough you have to feel the nerve of the place in order to understand. In addition, this understanding gets reflected in our photographs. As per Shahriar Ekbatani , South Florida whether you are in business, a professional man, a family man, spend some time and go though the huge information available on internet. This will help you great spots for traveling and having plenty of alluring landscape photography that you are fond of.

Look for locations

Lastly, travel photography depends as much on location as it depends on the people and the place. So, the real work starts to find that ideal location with the ideal feel and view. This needs a lot of exploration especially in the early hours of the day and just like other forms of photography, early morning light is the best time to capture the intrinsic beauty of the place.