Sustaining Your Relationship While Practicing Social Distancing

Biological anthropologist and chief science adviser for dating site “Match” Helen Fisher shared to CBS This Morning that the coronavirus pandemic is a good time for singles, and bad for couples.” It isn’t hard to understand why; singles can use dating apps to find dates and interact online, while couples, particularly those that live together, may experience issues from needing space and changing routines, and adjusting can easily spark arguments.

How about partners who live apart? It’s easy to imagine that they’re the ones who have it worst, given the social distancing protocols. If they’re already engaged, then it’s even more stressful, especially if the groom-to-be has already bought a stunning engagement ring in Salt Lake City or any other metropolitan area. Wedding plans have to be postponed, and bookings have to be rescheduled, possibly resulting in greater chaos when the quarantine finally gets lifted.

But no couple has to suffer at all amid this pandemic. You can still be there for each other through the following ways:


  1. Video Chat

No doubt that the best way to communicate during the pandemic is video chatting. You can enjoy the same movie over video chat, or cook a meal and eat together. You can exchange voice messages if texts won’t be enough to fill your distance.

  1. Make Things Feel as Normal as Possible

It’s certainly tough to be kept from seeing your partner, but we must put rationality over emotions in this crisis. Just because you can’t physically meet each other means that sustaining your relationship will be impossible already. Try to make things feel as normal as possible, and remind yourself that each passing day is a day closer to the quarantines possibly being lifted.

  1. Accept that Physical Contact Has to Wait

The lack of intimacy may be an issue to some couples, but digital communication doesn’t make that impossible, anyway, so if you’re both comfortable with it, talk about it, and agree on a way to attain it.

If you can’t somehow deal with your partner not being physically close to you, remind yourself that there will be lots of time for physical contact after the virus gets contained. As relationship expert Jess O’Reilly says, “We can survive without kissing.” Focus on how you’re helping stop the virus’s spread by staying at home, rather than instant gratification.

  1. Stay Level-Headed When Wedding Plans Need to be Changed

Having to change or postpone your wedding plans is disheartening, but again, it’s all for the greater good. If you’ll plan to push through with your wedding regardless, you can still make it pretty epic like the couples from around the world who got creative. Some donned face masks, others just proceeded with a civil ceremony, and one couple from Israel even got hitched in a grocery store since it’s the only place where gatherings of over ten people are allowed. These unexpected twists show that you can still make your wedding memorable despite the difficult circumstances.

  1. Be Optimistic

If you’re doing what’s right by staying at home and abiding by all the quarantine protocols, you help slow down the spread of the virus, which will reduce the probability of the quarantines being extended.

You and your partner should focus on the possible positive outcome of the current situation. If you survive this crisis, then it’s a sign that you can overcome other hardships, so just keep on finding ways to strengthen your bond, whether you’re 6 feet or miles apart.

What Are the Benefits of Selecting First-Class Event Venue?

Lots of people throw world-class and most intriguing events only to be messed up by the selected venues. The preferred venue is as important as the amount of time and money you invest in planning the event. If you don’t select the right event venue, you will lose your hard-earned cash to vanity and leave your guests with frown faces. To organize the best party Hong Kong, these are the most important reasons to identify an excellent event venue.

Premium Services and Facilities

Selecting the ultimate best venue for your event comes with the assurance of getting premium facilities and services.  You’ll have access to a great variety of bathrooms and washrooms to minimize issues with queuing. Everyone present in the event will as well have access to enough accommodation to avoid instances when guests coming from distant places will be forced to wander around trying to find places to sleep after the party is over.

Quality Seating and Adequate Spacing

If the selected event’s spacing is not enough or the seating is not comfortable enough, most of your guests may have to wait outside. This will not only make them bored but also affect the quality of the event you throw. If you look for a first-class event venue, you are fully assured of high-quality and comfortable seating as well as adequate spacing to accommodate everyone present.

Teenages Party Blissful

Advanced Technology

We are in the era of advanced technology where people spend more time online than they do offline. Many people are always browsing the internet, checking Facebook updates, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. They are as well always sharing their most attractive photos on Instagram. You want to be sure that your guests stay locked during the event and won’t have to worry about things such as Wi-Fi, quality microphones, big screens, lighting and high-end sound systems by choosing the best event venue.

Quality Drinks and Food

Quality foods and drinks are vital to make any event worth it. If you don’t provide enough foods and drinks during your party, you can be very sure that your guests will not be happy about it. In this case, enough food is not all it takes. The quality of the food and drinks also matter. You already know that different have different preferences when it comes to food and beverages, and so you should provide as per their preferences.

The first step for you to throw the best party Hong Kong is to identify the right party venue. And the outlined above are the benefits linked to selecting the best party venue. Ensure you are choosing a suitable event venue by checking the quality of their amenities, services, and the training level of the staff.

Your Relations Can Get Delicious with Tasty Cakes

Memories play a great role in life. When you are in present, you don’t realize it but down the lane, your memories fill you with delight, emotions and smiles. You can feel loved, valued and precious. There should always be a feeling of gratitude in you. If you do not love towards those who stand by you and care for you, you cannot feel happy nor can you relish the memories. You have to do something today so that you can relish the memories in future.

Keep No Regrets

The most happening thing is to be surrounded by your loved ones and the memories you made with them. Maybe you cannot meet your friends daily or quite often too but you can keep the bond alive and hip with your gestures. You can fill your relations with love and affection. You can use ways that can make your life enjoyable and fulfilling. For example, have you ever tried to explore options such as send birthday cake online? There are many services out there that are ever ready to become the source between you and your friend.

Once you have picked or chosen a cake for your dear one, you can get it booked and delivered. You will not have to worry about anything else. Just make the payment and your precious token of love is on its way. Maybe these things sound little filmy but the reality is that these are impactful. A single cake with I love you has the power to lift up your relation to a next level. A scrumptious pineapple cake having a wording you mean a lot to me can do wonders for your bond. Be it your friends, relatives, family, colleagues or even neighbours; these gestures are relished by everyone. If there is someone who means to you make sure you let them know that.

The most painful thing in life is keeping regrets. If you have any regrets, they hurt you till the last breath. You crave for something that is not possible now. It is better to make the most of your present than to crib bout past once you are in future. Don’t carry any regrets. If you have a feeling to express, express it. If you have someone whom you really like as a friend, don’t hesitate to tell them. Maybe you lack the confidence to share your feelings or emotions with someone but you have the ways to express it for sure. You can express your love and affection through your delicious cakes.

If it is your childhood neighbour’s friend and you are missing him, just change the missing feeling in the feeling of love and affection. It is okay if he is no longer in the same city, you can drop a delicious cake with a birthday message on it on his current address. It would be a beautiful surprise for him.

So, make efforts, make memories and live a life that you cherish. There is no need for regrets in your life.

Keep Your Loved Ones Closer with Attractive Wordings!

Are you one of the fellows who has always been curious about their partners and loved ones? Do you like to keep your Whatsapp status up to date and cheery? If that is the scenario then why not come up with the amazing collection of quotes and shayaris?

You can easily get plenty of overwhelming Chocolate day status for whatsapp and other day messages too. These statuses can keep your whatsapp account in cheery spirits. Of course, whoever is going to go through your whatsapp status, will feel happy and cheery. If you cannot send everyone the messages, you can secretly show your wishes and love to the ones who are visiting your whatsapp status.

Even if you are looking for some chocolate day messages, you can easily get them. After all, when you can bring the sweetness through these wordings then why not? It is apparent that not everyone is great and poetic with words but it doesn’t mean you should not share your feelings and thoughts right? Just go ahead and pick the status and quotes that are apt for your loved ones. These are definitely going to fill your loved ones with charm and pleasure.

Do you love someone?

Is there someone who is stealing your sleep and leaving you sleepless? Is there someone who is always in your thoughts and dreams? Well, if that is the case then make the most of propose day. This is the day that can be the perfect platform for you to share your love and affection. Just tell your crush that you love her or him. You can use attractive and fascinating quotes and sayings. There are different types of quotes, shayaris, and thoughts out there that will match your feelings. You can pick the one that is exactly the photocopy of your feelings.

Come on, gather the courage and do the needed for your love. Can you not let your crush skip right? Use the best ways out there and make the most of these special days. You can use the propose day quotes in Hindi and send them to your love. Who knows the wording directly touches the heart of the receiver and the stage gets set for your relationship! There is nothing wrong with trying and how can you give up if you haven’t tried only?

So, just go ahead and use the best quotes, messages, statuses, and lines to keep your loved ones even closer.

Mouth-watering famous five sweets available online in Jaipur

Sweets have been an important part of nearly all the celebrations. Whether you are celebrating the success of some loved one, marriage functions, or celebrating any kind of festival, sending sweets has been quite in trend to wish good luck or send blessings to friends and families.

Popularly known as the ‘Pink city’, Jaipur has been quite famous for the culture, art, and crafts it serves with to the visitors. Not only it provides the tourists with amazing historic monuments, but also allows them to have the unforgettable taste of mouth-watering food. However, along with some spicy dishes, Jaipur also has a variety of options for the sweet lovers too. And the good news is that the normal sweet dealers are now serving you with the sweets at your door steps. Here are some online sweets delivery in Jaipur options, you can avail the enchanting taste sitting at your home.

Famous five sweets of Jaipur you can order online

  • PaneerGhevar: This is the popular sweet Jaipur is known for made with a spongy touch of Paneer, the sweet is quite ordered during festivals like Sankranti, GudiPadwa, Rakshabandhan, Durga Puja, Diwali, etc. Although the sweet dish is available in various sweet marts, you can buy the variety of flavours in the sweet from online too.

  • Laddoo: When it comes to laddoos, Govind Sweets is the best place to get in touch with. The several shops serve you with a wide range of different laddoos like Choganiladdoo, Motichoorladdoo, Kesharladdoo, Doodhladdoo, Kajuladdoo, and much more, each giving a unique taste from the other. Some of them may also serve with the quickest sweets home delivery in Jaipur for adding a sweet charm to your celebrations.
  • Barfi: Want to have a unique taste of Barfi to serve your guests with! Then you are at the right place. The shops in Jaipur serves you with a combination of traditional and local taste in Barfi to satisfy you are craving for sweets. Although it serves you with various flavours in Barfi, AkhrotBarfi and MalaiBarfi are quite in demand.
  • Peda: Another specialty of the place that carries a traditional sweet is the pedas. If you are looking for Pedas that are still made with the traditional technique. Then you can get them from numerous famous locations in Jaipur. You can avail from a variety of pedas like mava peda, sada peda, malai peda, doodh peda, keshar peda, etc. for making your celebrations more memorable.
  • Bengali Sweets: Though Bengal is much popular for the appetizing Bengali sweets it serves with, the sweet shop in Jaipur is also equally popular for getting the Bengali sweets that come with chocolate and Jaipuri twist.

No matter whether you are looking for a traditional sweet or a fusion sweet Jaipur is all set to serve you with the best-flavored sweets that complete your functions in a sweet manner. Want to have a taste of the Jaipuri sweets! Get in touch with the online stores to serve you best.