How to Choose SEO Companies in San Antonio

One of the best ways to make your business very popular is to take it to the internet. Advertising on the internet will not cost you an arm and a leg. It will also make life a lot more interesting. Online advertising is outstanding and it can boost sales more than any other method of advertising. The process involved is also not complicated at all and you can do it from virtually anywhere; this means that you can complete the process of advertising your business without leaving the comfort of your home. You will always get good value for money when you advertise your business online. Never hesitate to get in touch with a reliable SEO company in San Antonio and you will never regret it at all. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you more of the important factors to consider when looking for an SEO company that can enable you to promote your business online.

Years of experience is important      

You are better off patronizing an outlet that had been in the profession for many years as this will enable you to make more impact. An outlet that had been providing an SEO service that had been in the profession for up to a decade can be trusted for top quality services. So, you should first find out how long that outlet had been providing SEO services before you patronize the outlet to help boost your online business. Such outlet would have handled series of services related to yours and they will, therefore, be able to handle your needs and help you to boost your business better than ever.  You will never get it wrong with a reliable SEO company in San Antonio. Such an outlet would have garnered experience and expertise.

Online Marketing in San Antonio

Quality of customer service

One of the many features to consider when looking for a reliable search engine optimization company is the quality of the customer service offered at the outlet. Find out how easy it is to communicate with the customer care agents and also find out how responsive they are. What are the various methods of contacting the customer care agents? Can the client reach the company via phone call? This will give an idea of the reliability of the service provider. No matter how seemingly professional the outlet is, you should never have any dealing with them if they do not provide the quality of customer service.

Reliable outlet to consider  

One of the best outlets you can ever visit when looking for a reliable outlet to patronize for search engine optimization of your website and for promoting your business online in San Antonio is none other Funnel Boost Media. The outlet will never disappoint you at all.

Does Alexa Ranking Affect Web Positioning In Google?

Find out if the Alexa web analytics ranking is really key for SEO including the positioning of your website in Google and other web search engines.

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As far as we knew, Alexa and SEO Marketing should go hand in hand to conquer Google but, at this point, there are not a few SEO web positioning consultants who agree that Alexa is an overrated tool when analyzing the SEO potential of a Web page. Are we right?

“Generate traffic and get good web positioning in Internet search engines like Google”. These have been some of the promises, and often legends, that Alexa brought with it since its creation and its release on the market.

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But this approach was gradually forgotten because there are some more effective tools for these tasks and that allow SEO web analysis and digital marketing campaigns to be implemented. So why keep focusing on Alexa? Really matter?

The Alexa Ranking And Its Benefits

Alexa is a software made up of a set of tools that allow you to know the traffic of your website, the topics that are on Internet search trends, search for the keywords (keywords) of the moment and performance of the website etc.

With Alexa, you can obtain a statistical analysis of important SEO metrics when it comes to achieve the coveted web positioning in Google.

Alexa Rank is a ranking that classifies the popularity of your website based on data obtained during the last three months.

Alexa was released several years ago (in 1996) and was presented as a toolbar with which it was possible to evaluate the number of views and visitors that came to a web page.

In short, the Alexa ranking is a range that classifies the popularity of your website based on data obtained during the last three months.

How Does Alexa Rank Work And Is Measured?

The Alexa rank works due to the data that the tool extracts from its own database, from various extensions that are installed in the browser and from other websites that provide the information.

Alexa elaborates its ranking based on its own data, browsing data of users who have the Alexa extension in the browser and other websites that provide the information.

In the Alexa ranking, achieving ‘number one’ represents achieving the maximum value of this classification; that is, because it has made its website the most popular, the most visited and the most trafficked globally etc.

Such ranking results from combining the average number of visitors to the website per day with the estimate of all the visits that the website achieved during the last three months.

In order to locate a web page in a certain ranking value, Alexa compares these results with those sites that, to all knowledge, have already been tagged with # 1. This way you get such coveted value!

How Can I See The Ranking Of A Website In Alexa?

What we must do is go to the official Alexa page and when you are there, type in the search engine the address of the web page that develops your interest.

You will notice that Alexa will give you the global rank of that web page and the rank it occupies with respect to its country. In addition, it will provide you with other interesting statistics.

You can try it, nobody will find out!

What Is The Main Problem With Alexa Rank?

So far everything seems favorable and simple. But there is a problem with the Alexa ranking and that is, its data collection systems are not as global as it claims.

Most SEO experts have been questioning the accuracy of the data that Alexa reflects since, despite many efforts, the tool does not have access to all the global data of the billions of users who access the internet.

Just because you have access to millions of data doesn’t mean it’s enough.

A good statistical study should not leave out any relevant sample and should be chosen randomly. Does Alexa do this? I’m afraid not! Their ranges are then considered an approximation.

Fortunately Google knows this and offers us some tools that are more accurate and efficient than Alexa in this. Bravo Google!

Alexa Rank And SEO; Why Do People Tend Not To Trust?

The lack of confidence in the Alexa ranking is due to the fact that today we already have other softwares.

Google Search Console or Google Analytics have been more effective than Alexa; the results obtained in these two Google tools are different, and by far, compared to those shown by the Alexa ranking. How can we trust then?

Precise tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics, which accurately measure web traffic, offer results that do not coincide at all with the data indicated by Alexa Rank.

Despite what has been said, it is worth using Alexa to know the web traffic of sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any similar site, of which we know that they do not need more presentation.

Because they have an optimal web positioning, we all know them, and they are ranked # 1 in the Alexa ranking.

However, you may wonder what happens to those of us who are not some of those popular web pages? We are now close to 2 billion web pages worldwide!

How to compete among so many pages? How to achieve the desired visibility in Google?

Obviously, we cannot use Alexa to measure the traffic on a web page that is hardly being known in its local environment.

But it is necessary to evaluate it, and that leads us to use software other than Alexa, otherwise we would only base our strategies on digital marketing only in approximations.

So Does Alexa Rank Really Matter?

Basically, no. The Alexa ranking seems to go well with popular websites, which in any case generate millions of daily visits to your website. There are many other more important things that we have to deal with.

Don’t lose sleep over Alexa! When you generate potential traffic to your website and get users to talk about you, visit you and invite others, then you know that you are doing well even if you don’t even appear to be on the Alexa Rank map.

Does Alexa Rank Impact SEO At All?

Not at all! It would be very naive to say that Google is guided by the Alexa ranking to define the positioning of a web page in its list of results, when this giant is the one who has been directing.

And also changing the way in which SEO experts structure each website and how this is perceived by the user.

Google has made available to us a series of fabulous tools for SEO web analysis in real time, considering its own database, which is enviable and unmatched as it is ultimately the world’s largest search engine!

Alexa And SEO? An Insignificant Relationship

Google seems to have it all under control without help from Alexa!

To believe that we need an Alexa metric to improve our SEO web ranking in Google, would be to take a backward stance in the face of the interesting and promising challenges that digital marketing is facing today, and much of this is thanks to the advances of Google.

How To Improve Your Position In The Alexa Ranking?

Improving Alexa and other metric! No, it is not sarcasm. Give her a complete database! Improve her access to global data volumes! Ask Google for help!

Those would be possible solutions, since its efficiency and precision must be improved. The fact is that it is unnecessary to continue thinking about improving the Alexa ranking at this level.

Conclusions: Alexa And Its Little Influence On SEO

Definitely, the relationship between Alexa and SEO is not considered transcendental.

Not having a favorable position in the Alexa ranking does not mean that the website is working in the wrong way, since we have already said that this software is not very accurate for the pages of mere mortals.

Now, you can use Alexa to have estimates about your competition, perform SEO audits and have a reference on trends on the Internet and how the movement of users is by it.


Do you consider guest blogging services as part of your inbound marketing strategy? Yes seems to be the answer. But do not accept it blindly as guest blogging has helped business towards higher revenue and better reputation. Blogs are willing to accept your blog and no matter you might consider yourself to be an expert in this niche, but going alone seems difficult. 63 % of people gave their thumbs up to blogs of multiple authors.

Relevant links, authority, sales or motivated leads are desirable for any business. The best guest posting services help you to achieve that and much more. At a personal level I have cashed in on various inbound marketing strategies, but nothing stands in comparison to guest blogs. For a digital business it is a heartbeat. As per experts it is not only to increase traffic to your website, but bring in more revenue. Inbound marketing modules do not generate leads but contribute to higher revenue for your company.

All equal posts are not equal and results may vary. Choice of targets carefully and a right approach is called for. The main reason why brands fail to take off with guest blogging is they fail to produce proper content. Prime content is a fundamental of guest blogging and this is a harsh truth of marketing. No short cuts would drive you to the path of success. Content marketing is not a one day wonder, as you can term it to be a slow and steady process. Results do take time to emerge but efforts are really worth the results. If proper content is formulated results are a mere one step away.  This includes a flush of new customers, high quality leads with organic content even after years if you have published it. Various brands have benefited from guest blogging as they have adopted the right strategy for the use of it.

Facts about inbound marketing:

1. Guest blogging is not a short cut for growth of a blog

2. You cannot term guest blogging as a solution to reach higher rankings

It is going to take more than what social media can achieve.  Willingness has to be there in order to research your topic and provide compelling content. This is an area which most B2B houses struggle. For your inbound marketing module guest blogging would suffice, though a key is not to try it without any objective or focus in mind.

Guest Blogging Services

Tips for effective guest blogging:

A demand for interesting or creative posts is unparalleled.  Top notch brands have undertaken a commitment to increase their share of content marketing. Irrespective of the size of your business, be it large or small quality content is a must. Superior levels of content contribute to your brand value. A platform is presented where a right audience would listen to you.  Some simple tips for your handy reference are as follows

Proper research of the market:

A will power to innovate, or discover untapped markets have to be developed. There is an age old saying “Markets move at a faster pace than marketing”. You need to be on top of your toes if you need to explore potential opportunities for growth.

Guest blogging starts off with a detailed research. Be aware that you are not writing for anyone in particular but targeting a specific group of people who have a niche. A targeted group of people are there who are going to observe content given out by a proper market research.

Part of your network strategy depends upon guest blogging. All blogs are not equal; some will send you around 50 visitors whereas in other cases it could be next to nil. First and foremost you need to conduct proper market research.  Such a research would provide you with a proper understanding on the audience you are looking to sell. Like what would be their reaction to a particular service or product on offer. Via market research you are positioned properly in a market irrespective of changes in industry or economy status.

Market research will help you to achieve the following:

  1. Business risks reduced.
  2. Figuring out existing problems as part of the industry.
  3. Look out for opportunities that would lead to higher sales.

As far as market research evolves there should be no dearth of efforts on your part. Each and every activity that you undertake in a business stems as part of research. For example if you are conveying to your customer about a new service or product, this essentially translates into research.

Before pinning down a guest blog, you need to have research at the back of your mind. Basically you need to figure out what does your audience want in the first place. Truth of the matter is more you undertake mind set of a customer you can fine tune guest blogs accordingly. Penning down to a wider audience may not always yield results. The reason being each and every customer is at a different stage of a buying cycle. Often we end up overestimating a market cycle which might not exist at all.

The main reason for research of your market is to understand customer demographics. It is an intangible asset and provides vital clues about behavior of customers. Age, gender, average size of a household comes under this spectrum.

A target goal has to be formulated. Online budding entrepreneurs are relying on guest blogging services to take their digital business to a different level. Even to your existing and old customer a connecting line would be target goal. The question is what you are looking to achieve with your guest post. Via this source you can develop quality leads which you can further nurture via an email.

Search engines keep on eye what people follow. Based on perception of users, Google also modifies its rankings. Before even launching of a guest blog you need to have a vision of what you are looking to achieve. Examples would be 1000 followers within a month or so.

Why are you not getting website traffic and what you must do to rectify it?

Those who have tried it will know it; it is not an easy task to get website traffic. You might have done everything right, might have followed the expert’s suggestions and yet, sometimes the results are not satisfying. Not getting website traffic is one thing; the other bigger problem is getting useless website traffic. Both are no good for your business. There are several reasons behind poor traffic for websites.

Here are some reasons why you might be getting low website traffic –

Not having a strong SEO strategy –

You might think that you know it all. But, getting expert help is what you need in case of website creating and handling. Hiring SEO services will help you because professionals will know how to attract traffic. There are SEO services in Ambala that you can hire.

To be on top of any search engine results, you must be the best among all. Your content should be unique, exclusive and of great quality. Only then will Google rank you on the top.

Other simple strategies include setting up an XML sitemap, optimizing your content for keyword searches and installing an SEO plugin.

Your backlink profile is not good –

When it comes to being ranked high in search engines, backlinks play an important role. Observe the pages that are in top ranks and you will see that they have high-quality links which are directing browsers at them. They will have several backlinks from the best businesses. The businesses may be related to their company or not, they are authentic websites that are back linked to these sites.

So, how can you get backlinks? You can just start by commenting on blogs. Many blogs give no-follow links to most of their commenters. When you comment, they will certainly give no-follow links. Sometimes if you leave a quality comment, they will even give do-follow links that will be very helpful for you.

The best way to get back links is to write guest posts to other websites. You will be allowed to give one or two back links in your guest blog or post. This will get you more clicks than you can imagine.

Not promoting properly –

There is always a right way to promote your content. It is not sufficient if you create content. You must promote the content that you create. Websites need high-quality content to survive for long. One blog post per week is sufficient. It will generate the significant flow of organic traffic. It might sound too desperate, but you must brutally promote your content to see any positive results. Spend more on promotion than on creation. This is the secret for success. From sharing on social media to influence marketing, you must try everything that will promote your website in a good way.

It may be a difficult task to gain website traffic, but it is not exactly impossible. With a little bit of hard work and lots of strategies, you can get more traffic to your website which will turn in to good business for your company.

Some very useful tips to get better SEO rankings on Google

Managing company’s website or a blog is a tedious task as you have to continuously keep it updated with things which appeal to the reader’s eye. However, the background work is even more tedious as you have to keep the rankings of the site or blog on a higher level when searched on Google. If your rankings are not good then the visitor count to your site would drop. Keeping the SEO rankings up does not happen by doing just one task but a collective effort of some very simple rules helps can keep your website on the number one position. Here are some tips that can help your site to achieve better rankings.

Keeping the content fresh and unique

Any website or blog is famous because of the content that is published on it. If this content is dull and boring then no reader would be interested in staying on the site and reading ahead. Hence, the content which should appeal to the visitor should not only be good to read but also unique. Authentic and original content always impresses the reader. Only then would he read the entire content and do the things required to help improve your business. Another important aspect is the content should be crisp and relevant enough. Beating around the bush information puts the reader off and he hops on to another website for the information he wants. Keeping this in mind will surely improve SEO rankings.

Loading time of website should be less

Every visitor to your website is a restless one. The visitor comes looking for information and if your website does not load within seconds then the visitor would close your site and go to another one. This is the human tendency and hence keeping this in mind you should make sure that your website loads within seconds after a person clicks on its URL. Fast loading means better rankings of your website on Google. Visitors will tend to visit more than just the landing page of your website if the pages open faster than the competitive websites’ pages.

Catchy titles and descriptions help

When promoting the website in ads and other methods, the titles and descriptions you use should be such that they catch the eye of a reader. Titles which explain the business in one sentence and a description which just about elaborates the title is the best way to get visitors to your website or blog. In this way, SEO rankings of your site would improve and your visitor count will rise by the day.

Also, it helps convert visitors to prospective buyers and customer and hence improving your business. Another factor here is that the URL you provide to your website should also be given correctly, only then would the reader be able to reach your website and get the required information.

Back linking from bigger website than yours

To get the better response to your website and make it more popular on Google, you can try getting back links from bigger and more dynamic websites than yours. You can post on the bigger websites and put your website links there so that people who read your post would click on your URL and become visitors to your website. Your contribution to the bigger websites could be in the form of guest posts and write ups, making comments on other existing posts, sharing quality and useful content which is relevant to that website, etc. However, you have to be careful with spam back links and unnecessary visitors which can harm the rankings of your website.

In conclusion, the main aim to increase SEO rankings of your website or blog should be to gain more and more visitors and hence provide them with the information they are looking for and convert them into customers. This way your business will thrive faster and you would be able to gain more popularity. Search engines like Google can help you spread your business all over the world and if you ranking among the top ten on search engines then definitely your business will increase and would generate better revenue.  If you are looking for a trust worthy search engine marketing company in San Antonio, Tx, you should approach Funnel Boost Media search engine marketing. The company is famous due to its positive client reviews and the team of dedicated SEO specialists at work.