Permanent Baby Treasures You Get to Keep for a Lifetime

Everybody loves babies. They are cute, cuddly, and are the most innocent little human beings. They know nothing but to love and be loved, which is why we should protect them at all costs. But babies grow fast, which is the saddest part of being a parent. Some people say that if they could, they would never let their babies grow. But since that’s not possible, all you could do is purchase baby keepsakes to help make a memory last forever. These are great reminders from when your babies are newborn until they grow up into responsible adults.

BABYink offers all kinds of kits that you can use to help you make lasting, beautiful memories with your little one. These are rooted in happy and warm memories that will make you smile. Not only that, but keepsakes are great treasures that you can give to your baby when they grow up, so they know how loved they are. Let’s see what other products BABYink has for parents.

BABYink Keepsake Products for You & Your Baby

baby keepsakes

BABYink has different kinds of keepsakes and gifts that you can choose from. Why don’t you go down memory lane with their baby albums, photo cards, and keepsake frames? It’s the best way to keep a long-lasting memory with your baby’s first smile, first crawl, first walk, and more. Every moment is precious, so it’s essential to keep it in your hearts forever. They may grow up fast, but the memories will never fade if you make sure to keep them intact and strong through reminders, such as photos of your babies.

Aside from photo albums and frames, they also have photo card sets, baby prediction & wishes, zodiac poster cards, activity photo cards, and more. These are the ideal gifts you can give to yourself that will continue to bring ever-lasting smiles on your faces when you want to go back to the times when your children were still little.

Impression Kits that will Leave a Great Impact to Your Lives

Another way to safeguard the memories more permanently is by capturing your baby’s tiny hands and feet. BABYink offers a no mess and no ink way for you to capture this moment forever. They use a special paper that makes the ink appear like magic, all without the need to put real ink on your baby’s hands or feet that can be toxic to them. They have different colours of Ink-less print kit. It includes a non-toxic wipe or towelette, four sheets of inkless coated paper, and detailed instructions on creating your inkless prints!

Aside from the Ink-less print kits, BABYink also offers Soft Clay Keepsake Frame Kits. These are pre-made and pre-coloured clays for a no fuss and no mess project for you and your baby. Just press their hands or feet, frame it with the elegant white frame, and you already have your keepsake. It’s air-drying, soft to touch, and non-toxic.