Check out these 12 extensions from Google to make your life easier

A year is almost gone by, and it’s time for a recap and a look at the Best of 2021. Google has also released its top lists across platforms, including Search, YouTube, Google Play Store, and others. Go Now on the list, Google has revealed its favorite Chrome extensions of the year. In case you’re unaware, extensions provide specific functions to the Chrome browser. They include password managers, to-do lists, and many more. These Chrome extensions can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store and installed. According to Google, they are designed to help people remain connected, accomplish tasks, and have fun.

The loom

Loom makes sharing and capturing videos easier with its screen, voice, and face recording capabilities, so you can Go Now and upload videos in no time at all.

The mote

Through voice comments and transcripts, Mote allows users to give quick feedback. Using Mote, you can record and playback your voice comments in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Classroom, and Gmail. Mote is integrated into Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Classroom, and Gmail.

Word Tune

Additionally, Wordtune helps you catch typos in emails and documents by rephrasing sentences and finding typos. AI-driven writing companions claim to understand users’ intentions and suggest ways to improve the clarity, compelling news, and authenticity of their writing.

The forest

With Forest, you can gamify productivity and get rewards with virtual tree planting. It’s a novel way to overcome internet addiction by using virtual trees.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader inverts bright colors making them high contrast and easy to read at night. This eye-care extension protects your eyes (and sleep schedule) during long workdays.

Tab Manager Plus

Moreover, Tab Manager Plus allows users to manage tabs simultaneously, view all windows in one view, find duplicates and limit tabs per window in order to avoid drowning in a sea of never-ending tabs.Go NowScreenshots & screen recordings with Nimbus

The Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder simplifies the process of quickly taking screenshots and recording content for sharing on multiple platforms.

Insert Learning

The InsertLearning tool helps users take notes, integrates with Google Classroom, and provides educators with easy access to questions, discussions, advice, and insights directly from their websites.

The stylus

The Software helps you design and install themes and skins to enhance the look and feel of your favorite websites. Users can choose from a variety of online repositories to install custom themes, or they can create, edit, and manage their own CSS files.


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