Marijuana is a popular recreational drug particularly among teens because ofits accessibility and cheaper price. People are fond of using it because it gives euphoria. Marijuana is known in different names such as Mary Jane, bud, ganga, grass, herb, dope, chronic, hash, trees, or hemp, but its common street name is weed or pot. It can be smoked by rolling it in a piece of paper or glass pipe or through a device called joint also known as doobie or phatty. It can also be brewed into a tea or mixed in foods such as brownies or cookies since it is edible, and it gives a different kick to the foods and beverages.

Types of Cannabis

            Marijuana is generally derived from the cannabis plant which has various types.The most common ones are—Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Cannabis Ruderalis, and hybrid cannabis—which are known for their wide variety of usage, but the most popular of them all as recreational hemp is Cannabis sativa. Below is a list of cannabis strains with theircorresponding effects.

Types of Cannabis Cannabis sativa Cannabis indica Hybrid cannabis
Sour Diesel Purple Punch GG4
Jack Herer Granddaddy Purple Blue Dream
Green Crack White Rhino Gelato
Durban Poison Bubba Kush Wedding Cake
Strawberry Cough Northern Lights GSC
Amnesia Haze Blueberry White Widow
Super Lemon Haze Grace Ape Pineapple Express
Super Silver Haze Blue Cheese
Effects of Cannabis High THC level High CBD level Relaxing body effect
Energizing Relaxing Creates a balance of mind and body
Stimulating Relief of pain
Reduce anxiety Decreases nausea Limit anxiety
Increase creativity Increases appetite
Increase focus Better sleep

The hybrid cannabis possesses an amplified effect coming from itsparents’ strains: sativa and indica. Among the cannabis strains, Sour Diesel, Purple Punch, and GG4 have the highest traces of THC ranging from 18-20% while its CBD is less than 1%. The presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gives thehead high effect which makes it enticing to the users. This chemical compound is usually analyzed through bodily fluids to check if someone is a user. A urine, blood, sweat, and hair sample containing traces of THC can send someone into jail in countries which does not legalize it. To mitigate this, some users employ the best THC detox methods to get rid of it from their system before testing.