A property lawyer in Bangalore will serve you better than a broker

There are exciting prospects opening up in Bangalore almost every day. With the inflow of foreign investment, the city is rapidly expanding and prices are going up everywhere. And amidst this, you have to pay a real estate agent additionally out of your pocket; then comes all the legal work, the filing of documents, the transfer of title deed, etc. Yes, it is exactly as tiring and time taking as it sounds. And hence, if you are looking for a property within Bangalore, you would save you both money and time if you skip over the real estate agent for a property lawyer in Bangalore.

The legal nature of property transactions:

There are many legal aspects to it that a broker will not be able to comprehend. Before the handing over of a property, there are many questions that will only occur to an advocate. A legal background check needs to be done to ensure that there are no payments due on the house that may hinder your occupancy of it. The use of surrounding land and the community laws are not known to a real estate agent. Also, at the end of any deal, you need to hire a lawyer for completing legal formalities. You can save time by deciding to hire an advocate to negotiate the terms on your behalf. Not only will he/she be able to get you a better deal but will also not charge as hefty a commission as a broker.

The benefits of hiring a lawyer:

It was in earlier days when brokers maintained their own list on ‘on sale’ properties. But it is not so now. You can check online for any area that you are interested in. The seller is also looking forward to working with you on it. This takes away majority portion of the work of a broker. All you now have to do is negotiate a deal that is to the liking of both of you (the buyer and the seller). Here starts the work of an attorney. Many times, in cities like Bangalore, there are multiple bidders for the same property. This leads to bidding war in which every small factor and technicality comes in to play. Such intricate workings are not for the likes of brokers who only indulge in finding properties and charging commissions. Also, unlike a real estate agent, the lawyer is involved with you from the beginning of a deal to its closing.

A smart investment:

Choosing to invest in the services of a property advocate in Bangalore will benefit you more. The amount you will end up saving can be put into a vacation fund or refurbishing of your home. There are many ways you could employ it. Giving advice on whether or not to invest in a property does not fall within the obligation of a broker. On the other hand, an advocate will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of investing in a particular property.